The Erased Font is the result of a collaboration between Dutch brand and digital design studio Wonderland, 180 Global and Free Press Unlimited. To raise awareness for World Press Freedom Day by highlighting the growing number of imprisoned journalists across the world. And to honour censored and imprisoned journalists all around the world by sharing their stories.
I contributed to this project with the digital production of developing the font during my Internship at 180 Amsterdam. The font is released in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Cyrillic, Arabic and Dutch. 
The Erased is a font designed to draw attention to the rising problem of journalist
being imprisoned. The aim with this project is to make the rising censorship in the world visible. The font erases a word for every journalist imprisoned, based on the topics they reported on. In total, there are 363 journalists imprisoned globally, this font is designed to use ligatures in orde to ‘hide’ words, when typing them out. Every journalists is connected to a word. Meaning that there are 363 hidden words within the typeface.
This campaign was joined with the organisation Free Press Unlimited and launched
on International Press Freedom Day. The idea is to encourage news outlets around the world to install the font on their website instead of their usual font, drawing attention to the problem of news censorship. More information on this project, can be found here:

Click the image to visit the website and learn more about the font.

A thank you to Wouter Oomen and Erik Hamburg from 180 Amsterdam for including me in this project. I am glad I could contribute to such an important issue.
The Erased Font © 180 Global, Free Press Unlimited, Wonderland, 2023
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