POTJE HONING is a small, locally-based honey brand originating from the bees that fly in and around the dunes of The Hague. The brand's story began in 2017 when a local beekeeper, driven by her fascination with bees and honey, decided to pursue beekeeping as a profession. Over time, her honey production expanded, leading to the official establishment of the POTJE HONING brand in 2019, dedicated to both selling and crafting her own honey under an official name.
This label explores creative typography, transforming the letters within "POTJE HONING" (jar of honey) into a playful arrangement. The primary focus is on the term "POT," "jar" in Dutch,  by placing it above the other letters. The arrangement of the letters follows a precise, almost mathematical structure, inspired from the mathematical structuring found in honeycombs.

first sketch. Inspiration to place the letters in a mathematical structure, similar to honeycombs.

POTJE HONING © Pip van Gelderen, 2019
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