180 Amsterdam, a creative advertising agency based in Amsterdam, has a logo based on a traffic sign with the number 180. The agency often uses a modified version of this logo to market themselves externally. For International Women’s Day they wanted to have a personalised logo to celebrate this important day. I was asked to create a visual for International Women’s Day as the first new logo project.
The logo features three women standing together and proudly forming the 180 logo. We wanted to highlight the beauty and elegance of women, as well as show how powerful it is to be soft and vulnerable, and to celebrate together in solidarity and support. It is crucial to honour and celebrate the achievements of women in de professional creative industry. This logo serves as a tribute to their accomplishments, highlighting the challenges we face in a world where equal opportunities are not always available by default. I created the visual by illustrating the three women in an as detailed as possible way, and using different shades of colour to give the impression of a define and feminine illustration.

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International Women's Day logo © Pip van Gelderen, 180 Amsterdam, 2023
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