Hoogesteger Velthuizen Advocaten is a law firm based in Rotterdam that focuses on corporate and real estate law. They are located in Kralingen, Rotterdam. I was commissioned to develop their corporate identity and help re-brand their company.
Mirjam Hoogesteger and Simon Velthuizen about their company, brand statement and their vision: the company strives for a strong and personal, but also professional bond with its clients. It is important that clients can leave their problems with the company without any worries; “my problem is being solved in the right way”. The company offers help that goes beyond just the legal aspect - it also considers strategy and a business perspective. The company's main goal is: connecting, delivering quality and 'relieving'. The motto is: ‘samen ondernemers verder helpen’ (‘together we help entrepreneurs move forward’).
 The company's working method characterises itself as a complementary relationship between the two owners, which ensures a dynamic working method with a solid foundation. This relationship is central to the company and is an important and personal element that distinguishes the company from others. For this reason, a complementary interaction can be seen in the graphic and visual brand elements.
The logo is based on the first letters of the two owners. (‘H’ and “V”). Using two different styles of the font Merriweather and Merriweather sans. This combination of the same font but in different styles gives the logo a contrasting but also complementary and dynamic relationship. This dynamic use of fonts is the red thread throughout the whole branding and comes back in every visual aspect of the company.
Hoogesteger Velthuizen Advocaten Huisstijl © Pip van Gelderen, 2023
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