WdKA Vitality is a department at the Willem de Kooning Academy that focusses on stimulating, facilitating and amplifying the vitality of students or employees. Preventive vitality interventions focus on the improvement of one’s sense of purpose, happiness, balance, energy and well-being. The vitality interventions are based on a plethora of themes and topics (mental, social, physical or spiritual well-being) wherein the wishes and needs of the community are utilised as guidelines.
As a student assistant for the WdKA Vitality department, I was in charge of developing a brand identity for the new department, and create visual promotion for the vitality events.
The Vitality Department's brand identity centers on the themes of human connection and gentleness. Its core mission is to enhance people's well-being and security. To convey this message, I chose to establish a gentle brand image, using simplistic illustrative human characters as a primary visual element. These characters are presented in vibrant colours with subtle and minimalistic facial emotions. 
In addition to using human-like characters as a primary means of visual communication, all promotional visuals feature organic shapes as a complementary design element. These organic shapes are incorporated to add an extra layer of softness into the visuals.

Animated promotional visual

Poster design for Vitality Coaching

Animated visual promotion

Poster designs for Vitality Coaching

Animated visual promotion for Vitality Events

Vitality at WdKA © Pip van Gelderen, 2021
WdKA Vitality Office © WdKA Education Station, 2021
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