"When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello!"
Limón Bergerons is a limoncello brand produced in Amsterdam. The brand and label design are inspired from Les Bergerons, a village in the south of France, where the founders of the brand spend their summers together and the place where they initiated the project. As this place is their main inspiration and it holds a lot of dear personal memories, they requested it to be included in the brand and their product.
The bottle's labels visualise a minimalist and graphical representation of a scene from Les Bergerons. My aim was to infuse the label with personal elements to resonate with the owners, while simultaneously creating a visually captivating and artistic design. The use of bright colors and bold graphic shapes serves to convey the idea of a refreshing summer drink, such as limoncello, to potential consumers.

Les Bergerons, South of France

Specifications and Process of the label design

Limón Bergerons © Pip van Gelderen © 2021
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